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Why choose us

We are family owned business and since decade we have done thousand of successful cleanup jobs in Minnesota  We are committed to provide the safest crime scene cleaning services to people in Minnesota at the most affordable service charge

Minnesota Blood Scene Cleaning

MinnesotaCleanIT is not your typical cleaning company.  We specialize in
biohazard cleaning which usually encompasses cleaning blood from homes
in Minnesota.  An increasing problem for many Minnesota cities is the increase
in Suicide Rates.  With this increase in suicide-related deaths comes
the problem of who to call to clean homes after a suicide.
MinnesotaCleanIT is a biohazard cleaning company and has been the primary
company people use when they need suicide scenes cleaned.

Suicide cleanup services in Minnesota usually include removing the
bloodstains, odors, and other blood-soaked materials.  MinnesotaCleanIT
and our hazmat cleaners will evaluate the entire room where the
suicide took place and determine what surfaces were affected.  Once
this is completed we will develop a plan of action.  This will set the
stage for what surfaces we can clean and sanitize, which ones will
need to be fully removed and disposed of, or which ones can not be
cleaned properly for whatever reason.

Why Choose Us?

MinnesotaCleanIT and our crime scene and trauma cleaners, clean 100s of
suicide scenes a year.  We are one of the most called on crime scene
and suicide cleanup companies in the State of Minnesota.  Our staff is
licensed, trained, and have 1000s of on-the-job hours of experience.
Our guarantee to you is that when you call us you will speak to
authority experts when it comes to blood cleanup from a suicide scene.

How Much Will It Cost?

Costs for a suicide scene to be cleaned can vary tremendously.  Every
suicide scene we have cleaned is very different from each other.  Some
suicides will have blood splatter on multiple walls in a room and
others may be contained to a sofa that will need removed and properly
disposed of.  MinnesotaCleanIT provides free estimates and due to our
local offices throughout Minnesota we can meet at your home in Minnesota
usually the same day you call.  There we can evaluate the property and
determine how much biohazard will be removed, how many surfaces need
sanitized, and how much equipment will be used in order to provide you
with an accurate cost analysis.

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